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Hypochondria: How to overcome fears of illness

In hypochondriacal disorder, sufferers are often convinced that they are suffering from a serious illness that just hasn’t been discovered yet, such as a brain tumor. The more pronounced the fear of illness, the more often it happens that hypochondriacs constantly visit new doctors. The driving force behind this is the hope that someone will finally discover the disease that all medical professionals have previously overlooked. But no matter how many doctor’s visits are made, the diagnosis …

Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks – Best Treatment 2023

While agoraphobia without panic attacks is often still treated without the use of psychotropic drugs, antidepressants and/or strong tranquilizers are often used for agoraphobia with panic attacks. However, drug treatment of anxiety disorders is not without risks. Because such pharmacotherapy can be both addictive and lead to severe side effects. Fortunately, a new form of therapy has been available for a few years now that does not require any psychotropic drugs at all and yet usually leads to a significant reduction in the feeling of anxiety.

Can Caffeine Cause Anxiety?

Can Caffeine Cause Anxiety?

Do you feel anxious after drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages? Or are you worried that caffeine causes anxiety? The answer to this question is not as simple as yes or no. While there is evidence that some people develop increased anxiety with …